Set of 4 Dirty Hands Products and both Alistair & Jak’s Bootblack Europe Title Pins


Not only are you getting a set of four products but you are all so purchasing Alistair’s official European Bootblack 2020 run pin AND Jak’s official European Bootblack 2022 run pin.




Leather Lube:

An enriching, oil-based conditioner, perfect for use on full grain, high shine or oil tan leather, and makes a nourishing treatment for dry leather.  Warm a little in your hands and smear it on.  As the ingredients are all-natural, there are a variety of other uses I’m sure you could find for it… 😉

Let us know your favourites!

Not suitable for nubuck or suede. Care should be taken in choosing what leather to use this on as it will darken light coloured or untreated leather.

Contains beeswax, coconut oil and cocoa butter.


Filthy Pig Soap: 

An activated charcoal soap, to clean even the most filthy and smelliest leather. Did you sweat a lot in your leather jock? Do your thigh highs smell? Get your sub to clean it with this, and let the charcoal remove the filth!  Just add water and elbow grease and watch the magic unfold.

Not suitable for nubuck or unsealed hide or for light coloured hide where the top surface of the leather is scratched.

Activated charcoal in an African black soap base, which is traditionally made from shea butter and palm kernel oil.


Daddy’s Conditioner:

A light, soft cream conditioner for all your leather needs.  Enriched with luxurious cocoa butter and lemon oil, and perfect for lighter garment leather, chrome tan, and soft leather boots. Warm it on your hands and rub it in, and leave your leather smelling like white chocolate and lemon cheesecake.  No seriously…. It does!

Nut suitable for nubuck or suede. Care should be taken in choosing what leather to use this on as it will darken light-coloured or untreated leather.

Contains soya lecithin, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and lemon oil. 


Subby’s Soft Soap:

A gentle, glycerin-based conditioning soap, perfect for cleaning your boots, garments, and leather toys. Soapy service at its best!

Not suitable for suede, nubuck or unsealed hide.

Contains vegetable glycerin and shea butter


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