Team Al… and the road to IMBB

Al will be competing at IMBB, the International Mr Bootblack competition, at IML in Chicago in May 2022. He is supported by a dedicated team of family members who bring a wealth of skills to the table to ensure everything is planned and well-organised.

DK Leather

Head of the The UK KRueL Leather Family,

DK is a leather Daddy. Master, Owner and Sir. He is well known and respected in the UK, ran a mini fet fair Cmunch, was Organising Chair for Kinkfest4 and a Director of  Unfettered here in the UK. Community workshop and demo giver since the 1990s.

DK is stronger than most, protective, deeply passionate, open-hearted and territorial. Dominance, submission, total slavery, sadism and hot sweaty leather sex are just a few of his favourite things. DK has oversight of everything and regularly kicks Al’s butt to ensure everything is up to spec.


Family Trainer,

Sir Lu LeatherEagle is the Leather Family trainer and brings her vast knowledge of leather history and tradition to the team. She has nurtured Al’s passion for bootblack service and is a great enthusiasm builder and pep talker. Always thinking outside the box, LeatherEagle finds ways that other’s don’t necessarily think of to ensure a unique perspective on issues and leather protocol.


Organiser Secretary

Leathergirlheart is DK’s slave. She is a service-hearted natural organiser who loves to please. If she’s not cleaning and organising, she’s building websites, fundraising, talking people into doing things, and turning her hand to anything that is of use for her Master and her leather family. She would be an asset to any team, and we are lucky to have her on board for IML/IMBB2021!


Al’s Handler for Darklands and for IMBB 2021

Fables is a Dominant in their own right but is boy to DK Leather and brings their excellent logistical, PA and planning skills to the table. At Darklands, for the European Bootblack competition, they ensured Al was in the right place, on time (no mean feat!), hydrated and fed, and focused during the competition. They are looking forward to doing this again for IMBB in 2021!


Al’s boy

Lillthrpup is a service-orientated leatherboy, little and pup, collared by Al. He helps out wherever needed and for IML has been tasked with looking after his Sir’s leathers and boots and ensuring that he is well turned out! It’s a big task for a little pup!

Want to support us?

Getting Al and the team to Chicago for IML is going to take a lot of organising and funding. Al also has some goals for his title year, which include setting up a UK Bootblack competition, and finding spaces and events willing to include bootblacking and have stands available for use. He hopes to achieve this across the wider UK BDSM scene and in the UK leather scene too. This all takes a lot of funding, and every little bit helps to achieve these goals, but it will be worth it to get bootblacking promoted and established fully across the UK, and who knows, we may even bring back the International Mr Bootblack title to the UK too!