Products and Basic kit items

Over the years Al has tried and tested several different items, we have compiled a list featuring some of his favourites. This can help you either create a starter kit or extend your current kit, We have included links to Amazon uk for ease of identification, but please remember all items are available from other retailers and in other countries. Keep your eye on the Patreon site for the starter kits and read Al’s blog for tips on leather care and his experiences with specific products, both of which will be coming soon!

Brushes & Cloths

An elegant tool for cleaning dirt from, or applying cleaning products. Made with 100% horse hair. Allows the soap to penetrate deep into the leather.
Silicone suede brush, made from natural soft rubber and high-quality beech wood. A kinder alternative to wire bristle brushes for suede

Made of 100% Soft Genuine Horse Hair .The main features of the shoe polish brush are soft bristles, anti-static, strong water absorption and a good buffing effect
Basic polishing cloth to buff shoes to a high shine

High Quality polishing cloth to buff shoes to a high shine. Washes well.

Great for removing marks from light coloured leathers and trainers


Gentle cleaning in a soap bar
Pure glycerine soap base to fill your own container with.
Fiebings classic saddle soap for a deeper clean.


Waterproofing Gel for all leathers, nubuck & suede, and excellent care for garment leather and light coloured leathers, as well as for boots. Al; cannot recommend this product highly enough!
Angelus’ famous leather balm – gentle conditioning for garment leather and boots.
100% natural; oils, unscented, made in the UK
Al’s favourite grease conditioner. Smells like something you’d use in the shower. Natural ingredients, Made in the UK to the same recipe since 1889
Gentle conditioning suitable for light garment leather
Huberd’s famous shoe grease, loved by bootblacks everywhere!


Available in other colours – a good colour range. Conditions and polishes. Made in the UK to a traditional recipe
Available in other colours. Great colour range and colour fastness for soft and coloured leathers
Available in other colours. A harder wax polish, giving a good all round shine!
Available in other colours. A softer wax polish, giving a good all round shine. good for harsher climates.
Available in other colours. A classic polish loved by UK servicemen and women
Available in other colours. Does what it’s name suggests, and gives a fabulous hard high gloss mirror shine!