International Holocaust Day of Remembrance

On this day, 76 years ago, Soviet troops arrived at the gates of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the world woke up to an unspeakable horror: the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators. The infamous extermination camp still held some 7,000 prisoners, survivors who stood up to tell us what hadContinue reading “International Holocaust Day of Remembrance”

So you want to get your boots blacked?

Bootblack stand etiquette, by Alistair LeatherHiraeth European BootBlack 2020, International Mr Bootblack 2022 So what is bootblacking? What does it mean to be a bootblack, and what should you know about the etiquette of sitting in the bootblack’s chair?    For me bootblacking represents the service heart of our leather and fetish community.  By itsContinue reading “So you want to get your boots blacked?”