Support Alistair

Alistair is fundraising to fulfil the goals he set out for his title year as European Bootblack 2020, and also for his travel fund to get himself and his fabulous support team to IML in 2021 to compete for the International Mr Bootblack title.

Al’s fundraising goals:
  • To establish the first UK Bootblack title competition
  • To raise the profile of and promote bootblacking across the UK and Europe
  • To establish bootblack stations at regular events across the UK BDSM & Leather scenes
  • To provide a educational resources for the UK and wider bootblack community
  • To compete in IMBB2021, with the support of his leather family team, and hopefully bring the International Mr Bootblack title to the UK for the first time

All this will take funds. Although there was a travel fund provided with the EU Bootblack 2020 title, it will not, unfortunately, stretch far enough to create these dreams. All funds from the sale of the merchandise below will go to support Al and the team to get to IMBB, and will also find their way back into the UK and European Leather and Bootblack communities by improving bootblacking visibility and community.

The merchandise below can be purchased by paying via PayPal to:

All item prices include shipping to the locations indicated in the pricing structure.

EBB2020 Title Pins

Buy a European Bootblack 2020 title pin. Prices include UK or international postage:

  • £11 UK
  • $18 USD
  • $23 CAN
  • $25 AUS
  • €13 EU

#GetYourHandsDirty Mug

Limited edition mugs with Al’s favourite slogan on! Postage included in the price. Go on… #GetYourHandsDirty

#GetYourHandsDirty T-shirt

Buy a limited edition T-shirt with Al’s slogan on. Bootblacks always get their hands dirty! Postage included


You can support Al in different ways and at different levels, from £5 per month to however much you like, or one off donations. Get rewards for your support in the form of pins, tshirts, ongoing support for leather care, free bootblacking and more!